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PTP - Aerospace Bolts

Aerospace Bolts with Custom Head Configurations

  • Drilled/Cross Holes in Hex and Socket Heads
  • T-Bolts and Specialty 12-Point Bolts Manufactured to Spec
Key Lock Inserts - Key Lock Studs
Head Configurations:

Hex Head, Hex Socket with and without holes, Flange, Shoulder, Square, and T-Bolts


1/8” to 1.00” diameters and lengths to 3”

Part Numbers:
  • NAS6303-6320
  • NAS563-572 in A286 Stainless Steel
  • AN 148551-148650
  • MS21094
  • MS51975
  • MS516637-16638
  • A-286 – AMS 5731, 5732 and 5737
  • Waspaloy, Inconel, Titanium
  • Alloy Steels – AISI 4340, 8740, 17-22A
  • Passivation, Non-destructive Testing such as MPI and FPI, PWA-certified Tensile Testing, Fillet Radius Burnishing
  • Silver Flash, Cadmium and Zinc Plating, Chrome Flash, Dry Film Lube

Flange Bolts
Flange Bolts from PTP

Washer on the underside of a hex head. Helps in distribution of force from the bearing load. Also referred to as frame bolts.

Frame applications such as truck and bed frames

Hex Bolts
Hex Bolts from PTP

Bolts are fully or partially threaded, with six-sided heads.

Broad range of uses, including construction and repair of bridges, docks, highway elements and buildings.

Machine Bolts
Machine Bolts from PTP

Square heads paired with a semi-cone point and a fully threaded shaft.

Fastens wood to wood, wood to metal and metal to metal. Also found in general hardware use.

Shoulder Bolts
Shoulder Bolts from PTP

Also known as shoulder screws. A long unthreaded, cylindrical shank helps rotation of attached moving parts.

Pulleys, moving engine parts and mechanical assemblies, gears and rolling wheels.

Gang Channel Bolts
Gang Channels from PTP

Square Head Bolts
Square Head Bolts from PTP

Consists of a square head, followed by a smooth shank and a machine screw thread. Can also be fully threaded. Design of the head facilitates easier wrench grip when tightening.

Wide range of industrial, agricultural and construction applications.

T-Bolts from PTP

(“Hammer-head bolts”) have a T-shaped head, and are manufactured to fit a slot in a drill swivel head. The swivel head can then be positioned at any angle to drill a borehole.

T-bolts can be flexibly placed within anchor channels. They are used to fasten guide rails, to clamp fixtures/tooling to work areas, in T-Track clamping systems, throughout the automotive aftermarket and in leveling systems. They can be manufactured cost-effectively in runs of all sizes.

Specialty 12-Point Bolts
12-Point Bolts from PTP

The head thickness and flange diameter of this bolt is equivalent to the head dimensions of socket head cap screws – and the two terms are often used interchangeably.

The design of the 12-point bolt allows the screw to be tightened with a 12-point socket wrench, making higher torques possible and eliminating the rounding of the hex socket that happens with standard hex sockets.

12-point bolts have an aesthetic advantage over cap hex or socket head cap screws and are preferable in recessed applications

PTP manufactures bolts and other precision fasteners for aircraft, rotocraft, and space vehicles.

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PTP will soon be certified to manufacture HS4773-equivalent parts for Boeing. Details soon!